“The most original drag performer working in America today. A master comic.”
–Michael Musto


“Dina Martina goes way beyond drag into some new kind of twisted art.”
–John Waters


“Dina Martina is hilarious like no one else I know!”
–Graham Norton


“Performance art never looked so good!”
–Whoopi Goldberg


“One of the most weird and thoroughly entertaining shows you are ever likely to see!”
— the Portland Mercury


“Absolutely high-f**king-larious! GO, GO, GO!”
— Dan Savage


“One of the year’s best cabaret shows!”
–Time Out New York


“A new drag legend is born!”
–Paper Magazine


“Surreal, bizarre and hilarious! The world of Dina pushes past all limits!”
–the Seattle Times


“Absolutely hilarious!”
–Next Magazine


“Otherworldly! Hilariously painful and twisted!”
— the Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“To those who have experienced the magic of Dina, she is a reason to live. To those who have not, she is nearly impossible to explain.”
— the Stranger


“Brilliant! Dina will knock your socks off!”
— Seattle Weekly


“Stupefying and jaw-dropping! It plays like a disaster — which is exactly what makes it so funny!”
— the Oregonian


“As bizarre as you can get!”
— Maui News


“Dazzling and mind-blowing!”
— Seattle Gay News


“Arresting! The stuff of legend!”
— the Portland Tribune


“Dina Martina stunned audiences at Wigstock!”
— Gay City News


“Incomparable! One of the year’s best shows!”
— the Bay Area Reporter


“My God! The most hilarious, brilliant and engaging theater experience will have… well, until you see her again… and I highly suggest that you do!”
— Q Ink


“Excruciatingly funny!”
— the Seattle Union Standard


“A Sensation!”
— New York Magazine


“Offbeat and inimitable!”
— The New York Times


“I fell in love with it and was repulsed by it!”
— Just Out


“Solid and exhilarating… ingenious!”
— Seattle Gay Standard


“Hilarious and touching!”
— Willamette Week


“Once in a great long while, the planets align and all of nature conspires to come up with the previously unimaginable, the wondrous and newly beatiful, the awe inspiring. And some people are lucky enough to live in a time when such a creative vision appears in their midst. Now is such a time, we are the lucky ones, and Dina Martina is it.”
— playwright Craig Lucas